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Maggie Tachman

Monroe Restoration

Title: Claims Administrator

Hometown: Ogden, UT

Maggie is no stranger to the world of administrative work. Having spent numerous years in a variety of industries, she performed a multitude of different tasks and has held positions from Business Development Consultant to front end customer service manager at a supermarket. 

Maggie has more than seven years of experience in administrative fields and customer service. 

Before joining Monroe last year, she worked for a diverse range of organizations, including large corporations, local businesses, and privately owned companies. 

In her various roles, she was responsible for overseeing coworkers as a front end customer service manager, ensuring customer satisfaction in many industries, creating original content for company websites as an SEO specialist, as well as being the leader to a Businesses Development Consultant department with over 15 employees. 

Maggie is a jack-of-all-trades and specializes in Google Analytics, team development, research and development, SEO and SEM, report generation & analyzation, office efficiency, enhancing communication between the sales department and executive team, and also working to foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration. She has successfully served a range of clients, including entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, nonprofit organizations, and CEOs. 

In her free time, Maggie is an avid music lover. Singing is one of her many passions starting at age three. She sings and play ukulele as well as piano. She's been in various groups performing for large crowds and private venues. 


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